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We are specialized in design of all kinds of structures in steel, concrete, timber and masonry according to current standards for building regulation approval. All designs are computerized by using the latest version of powerful structural engineering software and tools for achieving maximum accuracy. Apart from providing calculations we offer our free design consultation prior to submission of calculations. This service provides options of design solutions and construction cost.
Normally calculations are provided as soon as possible after receiving all required information depending on the size of project.

We provide design calculations for:

   O Loft conversions,
   O Extensions,
   O Basements and temporary work,
   O Steel, concrete, and timber beams and columns,
   O Steel, concrete, and timber frames,
   O Reinforced concrete and masonry retaining walls,
   O Portal frames,
   O Mezzanine floors,
   O Connection between elements,
   O Masonry walls and piers,
   O Site investigation and report writing,
   O Foundations such as, trenchfill, piling, pad, and raft foundation.

If your query is for a single steel beam design, why not use our Quick Beam Design service.